Color Trilogy // Amplified
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Color Trilogy // Amplified

Order Trilogy

Get the hot trend the super models are wearing now—multi-colored Manic Panic Hair!

Pick any 3 for the Trilogy Set

Lavender Blue, Mega Blue, Iceberg Blue, Cadillac Pink, Rock It Red

Shipping rates by class and zone (subject to change)
Ship ClassZone 1Zone 2
A (First Item) PHP150.00 PHP300.00
A (Additional Items) PHP150.00 PHP300.00
B (First Item) PHP60.00 PHP150.00
B (Additional Items) PHP0.00 PHP0.00
C (First Item) PHP0.00 PHP0.00
C (Additional Items) PHP0.00 PHP0.00
D (First Item) PHP0.00 PHP0.00
D (Additional Items) PHP0.00 PHP0.00
E (First Item) PHP0.00 PHP0.00
E (Additional Items) PHP0.00 PHP0.00
F (Free) PHP0.00